updates / by vanessa

FRIDAY: Tonight Renee, Christine, and I went to UCB to see the Worst Laid Plans show and Janeane Garafolo, or the COOLEST CHICK ON THE PLANET. Anyway, it's a show where 8 different people (all girls and one gay guy) recount their individual one-night-stand horror stories. The preseters left little to the imagination. So much so that when I saw Girl #1 outside after the show waiting for the valet, all I could think about were the indecencies she described in graphic detail, all done to her by a guy who had just broken up with her. It seemed funny to me that had I never heard her story I might have noticed her in the valet line guessing that she was like a kindergarten teacher or a nun. Not so.

SUNDAY: Improv performance is over. I felt smoove the whole time, right through the warm-ups. Until it counted. Then seeing the first team -- my classmates perform -- I totally freaked. I got like two lines out. Crickets. And then we were finished. I thought of all these hilarious lines in the car. HILARIOUS. I'll be saving them for next time or using them in this blog.

TUESDAY: Writing's been the biggest pain in the ass lately. I'm just not inspired. Speaking of, the writers' strike is still going strong here. They picket outside of the studio which sucks for me since I'm always running late and I have to wait for them to get out of the crosswalk. They do appear to be the happiest picketers I've ever seen. Their chants are pretty clever and they're a well-dressed bunch. If you don't live in LA you may not realize how much press this thing is getting. Seriously, more than the fires of last month. Priorities, of course.