diets / by vanessa

I've been on a blogging diet lately. You know, while everyone else is stuffing their faces full of words, words, and more words, I'm just chillin back, exercising cool restraint as if I had a zillion things to say, but I'm choosing not to. Mmhmm.

So I'll get started. First, A PLEA to my five or so readers out there! I accidentally deleted all my links to your blogs! Boo. Unfortunately, I always went to read your blogs through my own site, so now that I don't have your links anymore, can you please resend them to me? Thank ye kindly.

Second, I just got back from an entirely too quick trip to Austin this weekend. Actually it was Austin and Waco. I had the best (short) time and didn't want to come home. That said, now that I'm back in LA, this feels like the right place to be.

Yesterday I took two yoga classes, first with Desirae and then with Margaret. Both were in like 90 degree rooms. I rarely get to practice in the heat anymore since LA is apparently allergic to it. (Unless I want Bikram, which I usually don't.) I ended up in my friend Margaret's class resting in child's pose almost the whole practice which was a bummer since my mind wanted to move while my muscles wanted to find a bed and lay in it.

Then last night I hung out with Chris, Sonya, their girls Devin and Mason, and Lance and April. We went to Trudy's North which I've been to many, many times for happy hours. You know how God tells you to stop eating nachos? Aside from the satiated signal your brain sends, that is? He puts a hair in your food. Yep, a black, small, curly piece of hair under the second to last nacho on my plate. The manager was very courteous -- they removed the entree from our bill and offered me margaritas / dessert / anything else, so I'm not really complaining about them, I'm just saying, I get that I shoulda quit while I was ahead. It's just that I never get Texas Star Nachos and what's *one more bite*?! Sigh. What a downer. Last week I threw up at work after I had just had sushi (a 24hr bug? dunno?!) but now I'm grossed out on sushi, and nachos aren't sounding too hot anymore either. My entire diet has just been cut in half.

Okay lastly, I spent way too little time with D and Lo. And didn't get to see half the people I wanted to. So here I am trying to figure out if I can use miles to get back over New Years.

I think that's it...

A week and a half till Argentina!