chiller / by vanessa

I forgot to mention that when Dre and I went to see Darjeeling last weekend, this guy had a seizure. This lady sitting next to him (friend? fellow patron?) started freaking out and running up the aisle yelling, "Call 911! Someone's having a seizure!" Lady, this is LA. An earthquake wouldn't shake people from their seats. No one did anything. I mean, someone must've called 911 b/c the paramedics eventually came but mostly people (including me) kept watching. I'm sorry in advance to anyone who has seizures. I'm about to reveal my ignorance (as if were hidden): so the guy has a seizure and I'm really into the movie, and I'm thinking, well, when's the last time someone died from a seizure? Who dies from seizures? No one. (I haven't medically or statistically validated this perception, of course.) Ergo, not that big of a deal. As it turned out, he eventually snapped out of it, and by the time the medics got there, the movie was over. Seriously it took them forever. Thank God he didn't get his arm caught in a chainsaw or something. Anyway, interesting story and as I said, it turned out he was fine. (No hate mail please.)


My improv performance is Sunday at 1:30pm at Eight weeks has culminated to this very event. It's five bucks at the door and if you come see me I'll buy you a beer afterwards. One of us will need it, I assure you.

Now that my class is over, I'm thinking of taking 101 all over again. I don't feel like I'm good enough to get to 201 yet. I don't even know what it would look like to be qualified for 201 but I'm sure it doesn't look like these unfunny bones.