Lucky Me / by vanessa

Today was my fourth day in my 3 for 30  plan.  Over the last several days I've exercised my ears off and have done a bunch of creative stuff.  You should see my stick drawings.

As far as the nice things go, well, did you ever see the movie Kick-Ass?  It was awesome.  Anyway, I'm a little like the inchoate action hero walking the streets looking for a mugger to thwart.  The nice stuff isn't just hanging on trees, you know.  So I'm a little pleased with myself that I've managed the following:  let a stranger have a parking spot, supported my neighbor by seeing his play, helped a friend with her writing, and agreed to refrain from mentioning my mother's impending birthday on this blog 'cause she specifically asked me not to. (Since it's not her birthday yet, I figure this doesn't technically count.)

I'd like to think my charity hasn't gone unnoticed.   After dance today, I stopped by the Santa Monica Co-op to grab some G-water.  I threaded the aisles, strolling past the refrigerated foods section.  I made my way toward the checkout, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a row of familiar bottles to my left.  I looked again.   Great news, guys!  Turns out, there IS a Holy Mother of Jesus.  Right there, between the raw chocolate mouse and vegan pad thai, I happened upon this goodness:

And since this is working out so well, tomorrow I'm going to do TWO nice things.