Endings and so on and so forth... / by vanessa

Last weekend we took down the show at The OK Hotel.   By the time we'd arrived, Spencer was packing his car with his sculpture and paintings; the remaining works (ours and Ben's) hung lonely in the absence.  

Ours was a sentimental piece for several reasons, the least of which being that it was my first.  I felt loss in seeing it go.  A piece like that, well it's not the sort of thing you just dismantle and reassemble again.  Each of the vinyl letters had to be painstakingly peeled from the paint, each panel clipped and set aside.  And now it lies in disassembled pieces mostly in the back of Ryan's car, a makeshift graveyard of polycarbonate tombstones.   Here are some pictures from the process:

Eric, peeling the reflection
Hugo, bored

Ben and Ryan's aftermath
I'm totally obsessed with this captivating photo of Helen Mirren, taken by the genius lens of Juergen Teller.  Perfect, right?