3 for 30, again / by vanessa

Last year, well before I started the Artist's Way with my besties, I started this experiment I called "3 for 30."  It was an attempt to do stuff that sounded enriching, and it went something like this:  for thirty days I would do three simple things a day -- one creative, one "nice" (if you know me, you know why I have to use quotation marks around that word), and one active thing.  It turned out fairly successful.   In other words, I had fun.  It felt like a month-long date for myself, which was awesome.

Lately, because I've been in this sort of creative cocoon, I decided to do the whole 3 for 30 thing again.  This time with a couple of amendments.  You see, post-Artist's Way has produced a soft-hearted me.  One Al Gore (sans Thai hookers) would be proud of.  And without blathering on, here are my changes:

  1. One event can count for two categories.   For example, today I wrote one of my best friends a letter since she's had a lot of super stressful things happening in her life.  I have been thinking about her a lot and I wanted her to know that I think she is like a popsicle truck on a summer day.  That counts as nice, you know?  And then I decorated the package with photo booth reels of the two of us, plus some DBT stickers (because they're so effing cute), and that counted as creative.  I realize it all sounds a little self-serving, since it all meets my criteria, and, well... so what?  It's no less authentic.
  2. I decided to let myself be happy if I get two out of three for a day.   Today I ran the lot after work, so I met all three, but I'd have been just as happy (right?!)  if I'd only met two of the criteria.

So that's that.  3 for 30 again.  It feels right.


Today's my dad's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  (Even though you don't celebrate, which I think is totally lame because everyone deserves a birthday, but whatever.)


So you know how I was part of the show at the OK Hotel this month?  And it felt like kind of this epic event?  Well, the show was written up in The Slog!  That's good!

And there was no mention of me.

That's bad.

Those motherfuckers.

It's a really weird feeling to be simultaneously happy for your boyfriend and friends (i.e. the other artists in the show) and also kinda pissed at the slight.  I love paradox, but this one sucks.  It's hard not to take it personally because, holy fuck, I'm an artist, and we are a sensitive people, you know?

P.S.  Leslie has this brilliant idea for a sarcasm font, which I could totally use right now.