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So I think I got most of the blogs back... thank you IE history.

I would now like to talk about a monumental event that I shamefully let pass without mentioning: The Bachelor finale. For those of you who missed it - is that possible? - Brad (the bachelor) didn't choose Jenny. Nor did he choose DeAnna (pronounced de-AHH-nah). That's right -- he gave both the high hat. This incensed my roommate and apparently most women in America.

"Couldn't he have at least given her (DeAnna) a shot?"
"Couldn't he have at least picked one of them?"
"What a jerk! [and worse]"
And, my personal favorite: "Love isn't a feeling; you have to develop it."

And now is where I'd like to prescribe a book that I *thought* was played out, but evidently I'm mistaken: He's Just Not That Into You. Couldn't he have at least given DeAnna a shot? NO. Couldn't he have at least picked one of them? NO. Seriously -- why is this so shocking and upsetting that he chose neither? What's the big deal? These crazy women (yes, crazy) believe that he duped THEM too. Umm what? Yes, it's called 'reality tv' but that doesn't mean it's actually real. He HAS to act like he's at a really painful crossroads and he's really racked with indecision between two women. Think about it -- when was the last time you found yourself equally in love with two guys you met six weeks earlier?

So it's retarded to me that people get so worked up over his decision. A) It's fabricated, constructed, about as real as a Marc Jacobs bag in Hong Kong. B) If you were DeAnna would you really want to be chosen by default? And C) To those of you incredulous that he was looking for a 'feeling' and didn't find it, be honest -- that 'feeling' you're now calling meaningless is the same factor which separates creepiness from flirting, a hot guy from a pest. He wasn't into either one of them and that's ok. Yes, he was a little f'ed up in his mixed messages, but say that. Don't fault the guy for not being into either one of them.

Okay that's all I can say on that. Not a cohesive argument, but there you go.


I am SO sore from Wii boxing. I must get one.