long time no blog / by vanessa

I really have had a lot to talk about but nothing to say. So, some quick hits because I'm no closer to being inspired tonight than I have been in the last month.

1. Go see The Darjeeling Limited. This may just be my favorite Wes Anderson flick yet. Less quirky, more mature than his previous, and yet just as sweet.

2. Yoga workshop last weekend at City Yoga where we learned Hands On Adjustments. Naturally this is interesting for me given my background assisting. I definitely learned some new tricks but my very favorite thing was learning how to fall. Yep, that's right -- we spent a good 45 minutes learning how to fall out of handstand, pinchu mayurasana, and headstand. Basically I got that my back didn't break, which is what I'd assumed would happen should I ever fall while upside down. The instructor's theory is that if we take the fear of falling, we'll practice more, and if we practice more eventually we'll get so sick of falling we'll just stay up, and voila, handstand. Okay, I'll bite.

3. Tonight was my last improv class. On Sunday we have our performance. Going in, I didn't know if this would help me in public speaking. I'm gonna say it has. Tonight I pretty much sucked it and still I can see vast improvements in my ability to speak extemporaneously. Despite my nerves, I'm going to take the next level. Now if they only held a class that was like Improv and Hip Hop. Or Improv and Pole Dancing. Something along those lines.

4. Happy Birthday, Spitchy!