Worse than swine flu! / by vanessa

Apparently I am not loved by all. In fact, I'm not even *liked* by all. As a matter of fact, I'm not even...

Okay so it happened: I got deleted by this girl I know from yoga teacher training on FB. Umm, she invited me. At what point was she like, "yeah... maybe this wasn't such a good idea?" Kinda classic.

When The Great Delete dawned on me, I called my friend, Sachie, to be all, "Dude, guess who clipped me?!" Turns out, Sach got the high hat too. (I laughed.) I thought maybe she was doing a little spring cleaning of her friends' list but uhhh, we have 14 mutual friends still. 14!! You gotta really dislike someone. Hats off to her, really, for being all, "In your face, Vanessa!" (Don't worry, Mom. This won't be like the time in 10th grade when Julie Cyzinski pulled me out of French class to kick my ass because Kevin-whatever-his-last-name-was? liked me instead of her. Julie was homely. That wasn't my fault. (I'm sure she's better now.) (I bet they got married.) This time, there's no vice-principal hanging around to totally save my ass be the responsible adult, so I'm sorta forced to figure it out on my own.)

Maybe we can solve this whole thing in the FB arena. She can throw a punch at me and I'll send her a padmasana. (I'm a lover, not a fighter.) Then maybe she'll chestbump me (which I would totally judge) and then I'll bubblewrap her! And I guess once you've been bubblewrapped it's pretty much game over.

(Totally off subject, but do you realize there's a SuperPoke! to "show solidarity w/ Mumbai?" As if SuperPoking weren't fun enough.)

Turns out, in thinking about her not liking me, I felt the sudden urge to be nice to people. It's not even Hannukah and I went out of my way to let people cut in front of me in traffic. My icy heart is melting. *Dink.*