the act of jumping in head first / by vanessa

i just had this really great weekend. mostly because it included ample sleep.

my fingers hurt from my guitar but i can't seem to put it down. on saturday i had another lesson, and my teacher kept wanting me to play through the sting of building calluses on my fingertips. i was a total quitter in the lesson, (which he kindly pointed out) but then i got home and i kept going. dre came home around 8 and brought a couple of friends w/ her. one of the guys i've known for a few years now but had no idea he plays guitar so i basically made him teach me stuff for three hours. today when i took a nap i dreamt of G. i promise.

hannah's here, which is awesome, because a) i like her and b) she's helping me organize this giant haiku for my wall. (my friend made it for me and it's super dope.) i am trying to get it *just right* but i don't think it's the sort of thing that is going to appear in one attempt. so i've left the words on my wall, affixed with scotch tape, and as the days go by, i'll see which configuration works best.


in other news i booked my trip to nyc for the end of the month. i'm going to be speaking at some industry event. my friends in new york are all, "i wanna come!" which i'm sure they THINK they do until they actually come, at which time they'll be sorry they insisted, because media asset management is exciting to about .00005% of the population.

i also booked my trips to portland and seattle.