The Mends / by vanessa

I'm finally starting to feel better. It's been five days and I'm full on ready for this to be moseyin' on.


It's the 5 year anniversary of the Iraq war. That's just awesome. 300 days left.


In lighter news, I'd like to share that I watch The Bachelor. I wish I was above it all, but I'm not. There's gotta be a part of me who delights in watching girls go all drama, sing opera (or something equally lame) in shameful attempts to woo, or get wasted and then insist that the dude likes her because "[she] can handle [her] liquor."


Have you seen a Lunesta (sp?) commercial? I swear to God:

"... Call your doctor if you walk, DRIVE, eat, or perform other activities while sleeping."

Really? Are we there as a society? The absolutely mind-numbingly obvious has to be stated?

Hey kids, call your doctor if you swallow razor blades.