saturday tidbits / by vanessa

Better late than never: I finally watched the Obama race speech for myself.

"Embarking on a program of self-help [requires] a belief that society can change."

THIS is the ideology that is much more relevant and important to me than political experience. Indeed, it remains to be seen if he can deliver on promises of hope and widespread change, of finally dealing with the currents of ignorance and fear that have shaped American policy for generations. But at least he understands the issue. He gets it. Give me someone who recognizes that this is both a great and flawed country; give me someone willing to tackle race with some balls. (Think Zen adage: How you do anything is how you do everything.)

It is of no value to me to elect someone with "more experience" who is stumping to exact different applications of the same arrogance and short-sightedness which have led us into unnecessary wars abroad and institutionalized inequality domestically. I feel encouraged that an increasing number of Americans have grown weary of Threat Level: Orange politics and recognize that we can't continue with the same underlying belief systems yet hope to have a different experience.

So there it is. I'm going to yoga now.