super lame post / by vanessa

A) Hi Stalker, I mean Karen.

B) So this list got posted on myspace as a bulletin from Colin who's exceedingly witty. (As lists go, it originally had Colin's answers in it and I've switched out his for my own. Though as lists also go, perhaps I should have just kept his.) I don't feel like posting as a bulletin because, really, does ...Trail of Dead need to know my first thought that comes to mind when I think of Power Rangers? Pro'ly not. Plus, and here's the real story, I've got nothing to say but it's been a few days since last post so here goes. (Quit yer eye rollin'. I KNOW it's weenie.)

First Thought: Think of the first thought that pops in your head. 5 seconds or less on each one or type "PASS."
1. Beer: Blueberry
2. Anorexic: Not enough discipline.
3. Relationships: Commitment-phobe.
4. Your Last Ex: There've been so many.
5. Power Rangers: Are plastic.
6. Life: PASS.
7. The President: Weak.
8. Cars: Since You're Gone.
9. Gas Prices: Blow.
10. Halloween: Dre. Pink cat. Blames friends for "letting her look hooch."
11. Your Birthday: Is lucky.
12. Religion: I don't get it.
13. Myspace: Is the worst boyfriend ever.
14. Worst fear: PASS.
16. Blonde: Redhead.
17. Brunettes: I can't help it.
19: Asians: Great food.
20: Pass the time: Sleep.
21. One night stands: Umm, my mother reads this. Please.
22: Cell Phone: 5 months till iPhone!!
23: Who posted this first? A really good writer who invents his own yoga poses.
24: Smoke: Smells.
25: Vanilla ice cream: Is good with peanut butter.
26: Port a Potties: So uncool to post "Port a potties" in ANY kind of list. Way lamer than me posting a list as a post.
27: High school: Bake sale.
28. Pajamas: Green.
29. Star: Trashy.
30. Wet Socks: Gross.
31. Alcohol: Make head hurt.
32. Rain: The sound of it is the best way to wake up.
33. My best friend: I'm very popular.
34. Money: Helps when I want to buy this new Miu Miu handbag.
35. Art: What's so funny?
36. Love: Is underrated.
37. Heartbreak: Blows.
38. Time: I get it.
39. Divorce: Happens.