shuck n jive / by vanessa

You'll be happy to know that I am indeed pleased with the new Spoon album. Although, I gotta say, I have mixed feelings about the band I used to go ga ga ga ga ga over. Have you ever had someone break up with you only to move on to someone way better looking? No? Oh. Me either. But boy that must really suck. Anyway, the days of the quaint BD solo gigs and the sold-out-at-500 Spoon shows have given way to festival concerts and packed shows with fans who think that "Lafitte Don't Fail Me Now" was always on Series of Sneaks. Bitter much? Okay, guilty. It's just that (*whine*) it's no fun seeing bands I love along w/ thousands of others. You can call me a hater but that'd be wrong. See, I'm happy for their success and all, I mean, I WANT them to succeed - god knows they've worked hard enough -- but isn't there a way we can find a win-win here? Like Spoon stays my boyfriend forever and I turn a blind eye to that hottie 30k crowd they're hookin up w/?


Met Kristin at spin tonight. I'm not sure which is harder: strapping an anvil to my back and running the Boston Marathon, or taking Colin's spin class.