chips n dip / by vanessa

Finished Eat Pray Love last night. I did not want to like this book. In fact, I avoided buying it for over a year. I hate "yoga" books. You might think that odd, given that I am a yoga teacher and all, but take one bootcamp and you'll know what I mean. Now I like kirtan and nag champa as much as the next girl -- but the whole we-are-all-connected-the-mind-is-an-illusion stuff gets a little tired. (Even though both are true.) And so I (wrongly) assumed this was another one of THOSE books -- an academic Yoga 101. It's not. Gilbert threads both humility and courage through her words, with just enough of the ego stuff to let you know she's human, though she has the heart of a saint. I just love her willingness and honesty. And now I don't have a book to bring to Mexico when I leave on Friday. Mmmm Mexico...

Which reminds me -- I've been thinking for the last two weeks that I just can't wait to do *nothing* on my vacation. It's not so much the absence of activity -- in truth, I need to move my body daily (be it yoga, running, walking, etc.) as much as it is that I'm really ready for the tropical, I'm-not-wearing-a-watch frame of mind. It's that whole careless relaxation which is what I really mean when I dream of doing nothing. And then yesterday, it occurred me -- what is preventing me from that now? Can't I just drop the tension even when -- ESPECIALLY when -- I'm not on holiday? I'm guessing yes. So anyway, that's what I'm noticing today...


Ummm so I taught the other day after waking up LATE. I am embarrassed to say I was teaching a mere 15 or so minutes after scrambling out of bed. To say "I was teaching" is a bit of an exaggeration: I was moving my mouth but I don't know who was calling the poses. I prayed to God on the way there (true story): God, you're going to have to teach this class for me b/c I don't even know my name right now. I'm not saying I know what happened, but I do know it felt so good to be free of thinking. I wasn't talking myself out of or into anything - I just taught.


Which language should I try and learn again? Italian or French? I studied both in college -- French longer than Italian if you count high school, but Italian was much more recent and seems closer to Spanish. Wait -- *these* are my problems??! I'm a lucky girl.