Savin' lives w/ a pen / by vanessa

A special thanks to Dre who pointed out to me that yesterday I received two complementary pieces of mail.

First, this one:

It's sweet, right? A friend just had her third baby. A cute little girl named Chloe. Awww.

Next up, this one:

That's pretty funny, Universe. A reminder to harvest my eggs. It's a good thing I don't have a clock.


Four years ago I lived in Cambridge and I pretty much hated it. It's not entirely Massachusetts' fault. (Just mostly.) I was kinda going through this like... intense time - maybe a Saturn return or some other new agey stuff - and I was messed up. To clear my head I'd run Fresh Pond. That jog felt like freedom. I'd leave from my most-perfect-apartment-ever, run to the lake, then a lap or two, and run home. I listened to DCFC's Plans incessantly on that trail. Today those songs all remind me of that time and the space I was in. When I hear them now I remember how sad I felt back then, which means I have made a practice of avoiding them. Tonight a song from Plans came on my iPod. The scenery is different; I've since moved to California. Running still feels free. I didn't change the song. I kinda felt happy to hear it. Like an old friend. And it only took four short years. I guess I like to take my time.