little fish / by vanessa

Someone whom I know very well, and that I might also live in the same house with, is funny. Let's call her "R" for anonymity's sake. R has been hanging out with a new, ummm... friend. We'll call him Y. Here's a conversation from tonight:

Me: So, Y, where's your ideal place to live?
Y: Me? My ideal place to live?
Me: Yes.
Y: (*Turns to look at R.*) I was JUST asking you this today?!
Me: Really? Ha! What'd you come up with?
Y: We didn't get that far.
Me: Why?
Y: Because we had to play 'The Quiet Game.' (*Looks at R again.*)
Me: Jesus, R. I bet you were one helluva babysitter.
R: What?! He talks too much.

And this is why I don't need TV.



Oh Nano. I miss you. You're toast. I spilled milk on you yesterday. To be fair, it was raw milk from the farmer's market. Nothing short of the best for you, Nano. You deserve at least that.

Remember when we first met? The Apple guy asked me which color I would like. Pink, green, black, or choose THIS ONE and 10% of the proceeds will go to Project Red. How could I refuse? Always for the people, Nano. Even little Africans w/ AIDS who probably need medication more than iPods. Whatever. I chose red. I chose you.

And on those runs when I wanted to quit, you pushed me along with endless streaming of New Order, Starlite Desperation, Rhianna... You accepted me, Nano. That was cool. And when I'd be on the plane or at the store and wanted to ignore people, you were there. You have been my social bodyguard for a good year.

You didn't even complain when I got the 3gs. I wondered if you'd have sibling rivalry, maybe pull the battery out or erase its hard drive. Nope. You accepted your new position like the confident little Nano you are. Were.

So, I'm sorry I submerged you in milk. It was an accident. I suppose there's no use crying over it now. (Ha ha. Remember how we'd laugh?) If it's any consolation, I ran with my iPhone tonight, Nano. He's not like you.