oliver james / by vanessa

RIP, Paul Newman.


It's official. I'm becoming a musician. (Right after I become a writer.) The two big highlights of my day, probably my month, were seeing Fleet Foxes and MGMT. (Alo: I meant "highlight" right BEHIND seeing you.)

Like any self-respecting poseur, I've thumbed my nose at ACL, agreeing to buy a ticket because my friends did. I was certain I wouldn't enjoy it -- there's nothing special about seeing a concert with 60,000 other people, I've insisted. I was wrong. Obviously a smaller show is better, but at the end of the day, it's still music, and I still like to watch it.

I played Austin tour guide to Scarlett today, in between leaving Jose Gonzalez and returning for MGMT. Naturally I took her to the Whole. Before you judge, know that a) she sounded interested, so there's that, and b) I needed sparking water. We spent so long in there that I had to forgo the ambitious stroll up 1st so I took her back around Town Lake. On Barton Springs she bought a Longhorns hat, which brought me great joy given that she's an SC alum. (I could have only been happier had she unwittingly picked up an Oregon State hat.)

So, now I'm tired. I've bagged out on an after party because I'm not 18 anymore (surprising, yes); I think I'm going to catch one show tomorrow - Stars - and then I'm throwin' in the towel for this festival.