oliver james, part 2 / by vanessa

I'm on my way back to LA after 10 days out. A week and a half ago, I set out to Austin to catch ACL. I spent some time in Waco, saw a few - but not enough - friends, and wasted time loafing.

From Austin I went to NYC. Work is pretty much always the same but this time I tacked on a couple of extra days to hang out w/ friends.

On Friday night I met Scarlett, Christine, and Liza out to see a play. Which was kinda funny when I tried to explain to my work friends what my plans were for the evening:

Me: "...Oh, we're going to see a one-person show."
Him: "Whatcha seein'?"
Me: "My Left Breast."
He cocks his head.
Me: "Well I mean not MY left breast. No, that'll be safely tucked in my shirt. Someone else's left breast. I mean, it's a play."

Anyway, the show was well-written and inspiring. I thought about how far my own writing has to go. Afterwards the four of us went for mojitos and dinner on the Lower East.

Yesterday I trekked in to Hoboken to hang out with my friend Brian and his darling family. I probably could have swam acoss the river in less time than it took us to get there on the Path. We had a good time though. From NJ we made our way back into the city to see Scarlett at Union Sq. Scarlett's friend TJ has this fantastic Polaroid collage of NY at his house in LA. I've been eyeing it since the day I saw it. So yesterday she took me to get my own. Super cute!

(Speaking earlier of breasts, I have to tell you that I'm typing this from my Blackberry while I'm sitting in the terminal at JFK. There is a woman boarding the plane with the largest boobs I've ever seen. It's kinda gross. One of the downsides of living in LA is that plastic surgery is totally normal.)

Last night Christine S, Renee and I went to Fleet Foxes. I saw them at ACL, liked 'em well enough, so I scalped a ticket. Mostly I just wanted to see music. After a solid Oliver James performance, we headed out - back to Greenwich. I caught the end of Mizzou - Nebraska (this is such an exciting season) at a bar purported to have a great jukebox. I can't verify that because for the 2 hours we were there, they only seemed to have Poison, Journey, and some other shit, despite my stellar selections. And with that, I crashed / hit a wall / couldn't take it anymore.

I'm ready to get home, though not ready to go back to LA. Does that make sense?