Not it. / by vanessa

Yay! I've been tagged which means I'm popular! That's good. But I'm blogging on a Friday night. That's bad. Anyway, my friend Caryn tagged me. Sh*t Caryn, if it was hard for you, what makes you think it'd be any easier for me? My freakin' headline is, after all, my life's an open blog, which means I've shared everything safe there is to know. And since I also have a short memory, you've likely heard it all about 100 times.

So here goes -- my list of six relatively private facts:

1. I love love LOVE Twinkies. Seriously. I can't even pronounce the ingredients in their all-kinds-of-goodness cream filling but fortunately they're not for spellin' -- they're for eatin'.

2. My first pet was a flying gecko named Wolfie (I can't remember how I named him). We had an aquarium for Wolfie and I loved him. He jumped. And then one day he got out of his aquarium and someone in my house accidentally set a box fan on top of him. He died. I was sad.

3. Mr. Falcone kicked me out of class in 3rd grade for asking 'why?' too many times. Come to think of it, he had a really short fuse. He probably shouldn't have been an elementary school teacher.

4. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, mustard, and pickles. I'm a total foodie.

5. I used to be Republican.

6. I smell like weed when I sweat, and no, it's not from smoking. Weird but true, folks.

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