matchstick / by vanessa

Back from Portland. Hav and I had a great time biking around town, hiking, camping, cooking', chillin', that sorta thing. I didn't take any pictures but he did so maybe I'll post a few when I get them.

On Sunday night we grabbed a blanket and climbed up to a spill of boulders, laid back, and watched the stars. Watching stars is one of my favorite things to do and living in LA makes it a rare treat. Any description I could muster up would only limit the night sky's magnitude and beauty, so I'll tell you: I was in awe. Even leaving when we did felt too short.

Oh yes, and I got lots of Stumptown and tax-free Lulu this weekend. It was nearly perfect.


I got a new phone! I decided on the Blackberry Curve, instead of the iPhone, which was the phone I thought I was going to buy until the last minute. Why? Because you can't text and drive with the iPhone. That said, you can't really text and drive w/ the Curve either, but at least the keys are tangible. Anyway, before I get any holier-than-thou-email, know I'm just kidding. Mostly. I get scared of doing anything and driving so really I only text at like stop lights. Is that bad?