M C, Day 8 / by vanessa

Homies, things are cookin' here. No, I haven't started eating solid foods yet, I just mean that I can see the end of the yoga manual tunnel. Thank God. Already I'm thinking, what's next? Guitar lessons? Improv again? But no... I'm going to take a few months to focus on work and keep my life simple. Well, I mean, sort of.

Anywhooo... Day 8 and now it's like super easy. I will say that I smelled Thai food tonight that made my mouth water. I didn't really want to eat it, I was happy smelling. I still miss chewing. If anything this cleanse has shown me how I eat out of anxiety -- when I'm really busy at work, which it's been -- it doesn't pack the same punch to grab for a glass of lemon water as it would say, a handful of nuts (which would then turn into 30 handfuls of nuts). I'd like to come out the other side of this having freed myself from senseless habits, but I think you probably have to do it longer for that to happen. I'm pretty sure all my friends would kill me.