M C, Day 7 / by vanessa

In addition to losing my appetite, I've lost my will to write about not having an appetite.


I'm gonna kick this off w/ some non-cleanse stuff. If there are any single ladies (ages 38-45) out there, one of my students is the casting director for The Bachelor. Apparently they're trying a season of young guy/older woman on for size and they're short on candidates. He's (my friend, not the impending Bachelor), pulling his hair out looking for women. I swear I'm not making this up. Let me know.


Today is day 7. I'm pretty sure I must be messing something up because Sach was saying she had boundless energy at this point. I don't. I mean, my energy is a little bit better, but I attribute that to the no coffee. Anyway, the dark circles under my eyes are disappearing and my skin tone seems to be evening, so something's working.


Get this: tonight I taped my class for my workbook (which is due WEDNESDAY) and it didn't tape. I accidentally turned it off one second into taping. Sigh. There's probably some cosmic reason for this but it's escaping me right now.