If myspace was my boyfriend we'd be so over. / by vanessa

What is it with me and myspace? The site is frequently broken, always slow, and pretty unsophisticated with a pretty weak UI (user interface) design. Sure it's free but not really -- I'm paying for it every time I dodge a Meet Your Soulmate advert. Whatever -- I don't even like free things. Everyone knows you only get sucky things for free. And yet I keep coming back. Daily.

I'd like to think I have the balls to break up w/ myspace but I'm strangely drawn to it's clumsy web. Despite it's shortcomings (what it lacks in beauty it also misses in ahem, size), it's the messages from people I've lost touch with, the promise of New Friend Requests!, the comments from April that I have to delete -- that keep me coming back like a Weeble. Friendster's been calling me, but desperation is so unatrractive. So, until I find a new ride, or muster up the strenght to go it alone, I guess I'll stick around awhile. Myspace, do you think I'm pretty?

I am continuing my search for good yoga here. I took two more teachers this weekend. One guy I'll go back to because I was sore the next day and the other one was distractingly hot but clearly a Bryan Kest clone. I think "nipples" and "WOOO!!!" must be part of the Kest teacher training.
Tonight I was supposed to meet Chanel at Shiva's class but the 101 was backed up for like, ever. I cut over to take the streets home, got cut off by a guy who smiled at me while nearly hitting me, and then I got so irritated that I had to put on Krishna Das. That's like the yoga version of counting to ten.

Renee's bike was stolen off our balcony this weekend. Kinda freaky b/c whoever took it left the cooler and bucket that they used to climb up the deck still intact as if they were planning on a return visit. So now we're eyeing everyone who walks by, real slow like. I'm actually not scared since there's no sense in worrying about what *could* be. Plus I'm going to swab the balcony with massive amounts of Vaseline so that if the Hamburgler comes back he'll have mayhem to contend with. Or he'll just end up with incredibly smooth hands.

I'm going to Tokyo for work on Saturday. I've never been there so despite the brevity of our visit, I'm looking forward to it. Domo arigoto Mr Roboto, yo.