100: the gauntlet is thrown / by vanessa

My friend Matt has challenged me to 100 days consistent blogging -- here goes. So, dear reader, are you with me? Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

It's a good thing I was forced to post today, actually. I felt bad for saying I was still on the hunt for good yoga. I realized that it's more a reflection of me than the teachers I've encountered. The truth is, it's not "good" yoga I'm looking for -- it's just a teacher that resonates w/ me. This realization of course came only after being humbled by teaching yesterday morning. It wasn't bad - it wasn't good -- it was vanilla. It occured to me that I get back what I put out there and if I don't want indifference maybe I should change my own approach.
I went to yoga tonight physically exhausted, and consequently without any expectations of the teacher. Bad / good / whatever -- I just wanted to practice. Annie Carpenter is old school. She's from back in the day, and there's a depth to her voice and her presence that doesn't f*ck around. She is meticulous and insanely detailed about alignment, which I love, and also a little bit funny, which I hate. Just kidding. I like humor. She dissected the wrapping of the triceps inward in utkatasana (chair) with such precision that for the first time my arms were actually parallel. If you're not into yoga I can imagine that you'd probably be having more fun watching paint dry right now, so be my guest. It dries slowly. Anyway, I'm excited b/c I've found a class that will be my slow practice.
Okay so it's 100 days. I'm not promising it's gonna be good. But you will get flatter abs. Some disclaimers -- when I'm in Montana in September I don't think I can get internet access daily (they don't even have cell phones at this place) so I may have to save up the posts and post once that week, though I promise to write daily. P.S. I don't lie.