don't playa boo / by vanessa

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So much to write, so little attention span. I'll be quick then. On Friday flew to Portland. Saw Spoon. They played at the Doug Fir which is a super cool place because it looks like a space age cavern inside. Congrats to the band... it's cool to see them making it. Plus I like Jim Eno's shaggy hair.

On Saturday we drove to Seattle to hang out w/ my mom. We met her neighbor, (a peach of a Texan), chatted, then went to asian. Good times. My mom looks good; most importantly her hearing seems to have improved. That's remarkable since I've spent much of my life repeating everything (either comical or frustrating depending on my mood). Did I mention that Seattle was insanely cold? Jeez -- it's like almost June for godsakes. I had to wear my granny sweater constantly which turned my look from chic LA to chic granoLA. Which is to say, not. Anyway, we went to the Seattle Public Library where the third floor, probably my favorite floor in all the world so far, is entirely red. 'Member the halls in The Shining? It was like that but a) not scary; b) not blood; and c) cool. I wanted to write.

And then back to Portland where we finished off the holiday w/ some frisbee and another fine dining experience. Oh and I showed up to the airport last night hoping I was just in time for my flight only to learn that I had booked my return on Sunday, not Monday. It's true, I went to college. The super cool ladies at Alaska let me get on anyway w/out paying extra and then I finally got home. Weekend Summary: 15 lattes, 2 yoga classes (went to Lisa's studio in Seattle), 6 episodes of Entourage, and all the relaxation I needed.


Tonight we skipped SoundTeam (rats!) b/c tired and tomorrow we have Arcade Fire (goody). I got the cutest dress at Olivine in Seattle which has nothing to do with either band except that I'm wearing it as I type this and thought it really important to share.