why so blue / by vanessa

Yesterday I was in a car accident. I was going through a 4-way stop and was hit by this guy. Wasn't hurt, just a little shaken, but now my car is low rent. (I'm taking it in tomorrow.) We pulled over to the side of the road, w/ an apartment building on one side of the street, and Whole Foods on the other. We're exchanging information, which really means I was staring at his insurance paper trying to make sense of it, and writing down nothing that would actually be helpful to my insurance company. Anyway, here's what I'm upset about: there was this kid, I don't know, like 20, maybe? standing outside w/ his suitcase in front of the apartment building. While me and the guy were taking down each others' info, the kid approached us. In broken English he gets out that he called a shuttle to take him to the airport and it hasn't shown up. I said, well can't you call another one? He answered that he didn't have the phone number. He asked us how much a cab was to LAX. The guy told him about $60. The kid walked a few steps away and the guy and I went on trying to finish the unpleasanties. The kid came back: do you know what I should do, he asked. I said to call 411. He didn't have a cell phone. I said he should go across the street to Whole Foods.

Should I stop this story now? Yes -- I am duly shamed. So caught up in my own stuff I didn't even think to help someone with broken English who needed help. Worse, I can't say I actually *didn't* think of helping him. I did consider it for a few seconds but I felt like I didn't have time to deal w/ this stranger's problem when I was knee deep in my own and all I could think is that I was going to be late to a meeting. Lame, huh?!


I am really looking forward to my weekend. Havey, my mom, coffee, music, green, good stuff.