cheery-o (sp?) / by vanessa

Guess what I'm not doing right now but should be? If you guessed "working" you'd be WRONG! Well, actually, you'd be right, but there's something even more pressing than that. Packing! That's right. I'm going to visit Tera in London tomorrow for a few days. Since I just got back from Austin last night, my plan is to simply move the contents of my weekend trip from my overnight bag into my luggage.

Speaking of Austin, I had a great time. Aside from missing my flight on Friday and the aftermath of attending my friend Malia's yoga class (it was pre-natal, I posted on FB about it, which way too many people assumed meant I was pregnant), things went smoothly. I never get to see everyone, or even enough, but my plan is just to keep taking weekend trips until those I have seen get sick of me.

And then speaking of travel, in general, I have a lot of trips coming up. Tomorrow, London, the week after, Seattle, then maybe Denver for Christmas, then home for a few weeks, then India! I can't believe I'm going to India -- for work, no less! I'm thinking about taking a Vipassana course while I'm there, but it sorta depends on the timing. Also, who travels half way around the world to sit in silence for 10 days? Like:

Someone: Hey Vanessa, what'd you do in India?
Me: Uhh, nothing.
Someone: Funny, no, I mean, what'd you see, what'd you do?
Me: Nothing. Seriously. Not a damn thing. I just sat there and stared at my third eye.
Someone: You can't see that anywhere else.

Maybe if I get up at four tomorrow that'll give me time to pack, work, and get coffee. But not until I've watched tonight's The Hills episode!