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Some upsetting news from the files of Products-I've-Never-Bought-But-Have-Wished-Many-Times-That-I-Had:

Polaroid is discontinuing the production of instant film. Read about it here. You know why this blows? I used to live across the street from a woman (Michelle, of Pat-n-Michelle) who would bring a Polaroid camera to parties and bars. Which was really awesome since no one wants to carry a camera but everyone's glad when the pictures come out. *Mostly.* Also, there are neat Polaroid processing techniques that now I'll never do, (e.g. image transfers), which would've prompted my friends to label me creative! artistic! wow - how'd you think of that?! To which I would've smiled graciously and told them: I don't know, it's just something I threw together, in the way that means that they'll never get it. But now, because I waited too long, I'll never experience the sort of fame and adoration that having a Polaroid B.D. (Before Discontinuation) will bring you. There will be no eBay-ing after the fact. That'd be like buying a Smiths t-shirt in '98.


My friend Todd sent me this SXSW link. . Apparently God saw my handiwork and decided I needed help.


In the latest New Yorker, Jack Handey writes this issue's Shouts & Murmurs column, entitled How Things Even Out. Since 'balance in the universe' is a cornerstone of yogic thought, imagine my excitement to get a modern perspective on a centuries-old philosophy! As great teachers do, Handey uses simple, easy-to-understand examples to support his position. Here's one:

"One moment you're depressed because the doctor tells you that you have alcoholism. But then you cheer up when you go home and find a hidden bottle of vodka you had forgotten about."

I think I'll save this gem for Frog.


Oh - and one final (disappointing) note: I won't be doing that last Improv 201 performance, after all. See I had to make a choice between yoga training and improv since I found out tonight I didn't have the option to go in and out of class. I'd have to make up (read: pay for a private) the yoga training if I did the improv thing. Since I'm going to SXSW and already have to pay for three make-ups because of that, there's my answer. And since you can't leave the court on a missed shot, I'll def be taking 201 again.