The Countdown Begins... / by vanessa

2 weeks from today I'll be in Austin. I've been given the onerous task of putting together the schedule of day parties. EVERYONE knows that day parties (and after parties) are pretty much where it's at, so this is not your average assignment. But apparently God thinks I'm up for it, and because He never gives you more than you can handle, who am I to doubt?

Speaking of SXSW (for those of you not from Austin, that's what I was talking about), I'm am riding it dangerously close on the shoe shopping thing. I'll explain: it's a long-standing tradition to buy a pair of shoes every year specifically for SXSW. You have to stand for long hours, which demands a comfortable shoe; but I also have an ego to support, so I need to consider cuteness. Usually I spend months preparing, but life has been so busy lately I forgot all about the shoes until Alo reminded me. Now I'm scrambling through Zappos (thank god for their overnight delivery) and I'm in a bit of a fit. I might be relegated to Converse. Shit. I can't be that girl in the sassy skirt, hip band t-shirt, and NEW Converse. You need time to wear in Converse so you don't end up looking like you intentionally put your outfit together, even though I'll be doing precisely that.

If there are any Austin people off during SXSW and you like to get up / skip work to practice yoga, I'm going to be teaching on Friday morning at Breath & Body. It's 8:15 so grab your Pacha first.


Tonight was the last Improv 201 class. We have our performance on Sunday. Which, as I wrote earlier, conflicts w/ yoga but I figured out today that I could prob swing it and only miss 2 of the 5 hours of class. So there you go.

Btw, I'm not finished w/ Improv. I think I'm going to hold myself back though. I don't really feel like I'm ready for 301 so I'm going to take 201 again. I keep getting the same feedback again and again (my emotions don't match my words) so it's worth riding the short bus till I get this.


My next big trip will be to Alaska this summer. Yay. I have only a few states left in the US (I think, 4) and she's one of them. Big group of us going to Homer. I love planning going on trips.