82 / by vanessa

Today we (Renee, Caryn, and Minnu) went to Glen Ivy Spa somewhere south of here. I completely dig hot springs, steam rooms, mud baths and being painted with kelp, so it was just about my favorite way to spend a Saturday.

I nearly pulled the trigger today on signing up for the Austin marathon in February. It's been 5 years and so it seems like enough time has passed for me to wreck my knees again. Actually this time I'm going to pepper in lots of yoga so I should be ok. I set a reminder for Monday morning so I could think about it for a couple of days. It's six months and a bunch of training between now and then.

Did I write that I went to Bryan Kest's class on Friday night? I had a really fun time. He was hilarious and my ass was killing me from like 20 minutes of balancing on one leg which I totally appreciate. I realized recently that the classes I'm taking have not changed, but I have become much more accepting. As usual I had no idea the degree by which I was resisting. In a lot of ways, or every if you want to be particular, I was blaming my ennui on the teacher. Like b/c it wasn't BPVY it was kinda lame. Once I chilled though, and it's taken six weeks, I've realized that fighting it wasn't making me happy. It's so much easier going to class and not comparing the teachers to what I prefer. I don't have to make others wrong. My BPVY affinity is diminished no less, AND I can appreciate others. I have a mistress. Or a mister. huh?