8 / by vanessa

Opening night of the PRW. It was incredible! The assistants team is great -- very eager and helpful! I feel like everyone has such an amazing attitude! This is my first time leading the assistant's team and I can't believe how nervous I felt. I was humbled by my own mistakes, but then oddly Baron's talk tonight covered the role of blame and judgment in our lives, and about how we let blame get in the way of greatness.

He also talked about commitment, which hit the spot for me as it's no secret commitment isn't one of my strengths. Here's a quote: "Without commitment nothing happens." He remarked that most of us get on this path and make a resolution towards something and then we compromise about 5% thinking that the 5% won't really matter. As in, I'll just have this little piece of chocolate cake. But what happens is that you don't notice a consequence as a result of the 5% so then next time it becomes 10% and the little piece of cake turns into a little piece of cake AND some cookies. And on and on. And that we might not see the effect of 5% but everyone in our lives feels the effect of that straying. He brought up Gandhi's (you know he's my favorite) about how we can't expect to do right in one part of our life while doing wrong in the other because everything is interconnected.

Anyway, great night, early morning. Sweet dreams.