9 / by vanessa

Am posting early as I doubt I'll get a chance to write later. I've been doing a fruit cleanse for the last three days because the previous three weeks have been filled with copius pancakes, coffee, and tons of candy. What I've found (once again) is that it's so obvious how much my body is affected by bread and sugar, so really sugar and sugar. I do cleanses and I remember that oh yeah, I feel SO MUCH BETTER without candy and gluten. It's like night and day. And then I get totally caught up in feeling like I "deserve" some kind of treat and then feel icky and then start a cleanse and this is the cycle. Again and again. I can't say that I'm not going to repeat it again, and if you've read this blog for anything length of time, like say a week, you'll know that it's likely I will. BUT everytime my awareness is raised, I become a little bit more compassionate towards my own foibles, and the softening is where change happens.