Why this Vegetarian Thinks Eating Dinosaur Bones is Cool / by vanessa

Now, normally I eschew meat products (or in this case, bones), *especially* when they're thousands of years old, for food less... I don't know... animal-y and stuff, but this one's just too cool to pass up. Read this article. Here's what I like about eating dinosaur bones, and I swear to sweet baby Jesus I am not being condescending: I only WISHED I still believed in dragons. Flying dragons at that. Rats that my imagination dwindles the older I get to the point now where gigantic flying reptiles and a third party political system are simply inconceivable. Again, I'm not joking here, but it does make me wonder if there are villages in say, Greenland, who mistake Sally Reindeer for Donner. I wonder too if the Chinese villagers were bummed out when Dr. Jones broke the news that dragons aren't real and you can't eat those bones because they're kinda important for research-type dealies. And if it sucked so bad that they were like, well, what else is not real and then started doubting everything? I hope not.

And did the bones still carry medicinal value? I'm sure the villagers, when first using them, put them through clinical trials with a control group and all that. So what are they replacing it with now? And if it did work, then what's a few dinosaur bones? Isn't the health of a remote Chinese village worth something? Do we really need to know everything? Just some food for thought. (I couldn't resist.)


P.S. Saucony sent me an email back. I don't think Pat Oakley, Saucony Consumer Specialist, finds me very funny. Which is too bad because I try REALLY hard. Here's his response:

In reference to your comments regarding the aesthetics of our products,I will forward them to the appropriate departments for review. In doing this we can ensure that we are giving our customers the best possiblequality and selection of our products. Saucony would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage.