Whhhhaaat? Yeaaahyehhhh. / by vanessa

Every once in a great while, a website comes along so epic, it bears a special mention. Either that or I'm totally desperate for content.

After a seven month hiatus, she's back. Supposedly this is a kinder, gentler, April but I started out that way too when I took over the administration of my company's time and expense system. All rosie-cheeked and aww shucks-like. So we'll see. (Actually, I fully support her in this new effort. You know how I like a happy ending.)


I'm finally reading this book I've had for a few years now about thinking like Da Vinci. One of the things it notes about the artist extraordinaire is that he always examined his work with a mirror so that he could see it from a different perspective. He felt that seeing your own work in reverse would reveal flaws or new dimensions that the eye just wouldn't see. Naturally I love this for its literal and metaphorical value.


Lastly, my luck in music continues on the downturn. The new Spoon cd was released today, which I pre-ordered, and I still haven't received it. Sigh.