This is not Iceland / by vanessa

These socks and this candy are from Virgin Atlantic. I think they are both cute, but the socks smell like petroleum, which is funny considering "the most sustainable airline on Earth." When the flight attendant added on Earth, I stopped my life momentarily. Would any other planet be an option? Maybe someday I will eat the candy.

The third heart from the left reads BLUE EYES. These are Love Hearts. I am guessing there is not a HAZEL EYES. I know for certain that people with hazel eyes love too.

Perhaps the third heart from the left is a secret love letter. A tiny, hidden message inscribed with his nickname for her, in an inconspicuous place where tens of thousands -- millions maybe -- would see.

She knows that when he goes to work every day he writes things. He is a copywriter, and sometimes he writes ad copy describing YOUR PERFECT LIFE perched high above the bustle, offering the perfect balance of all the city you want with all of the quiet you need.

But on that particular May evening, over their nightly glass of Pinot Noir, he told her he had written sayings, words really, for candy hearts. He showed her the mockup with the words "Blue Eyes" typed across a pink background.

And she smiled as she imagined a woman she had never met, sitting on a Virgin Atlantic flight to London -- a last minute substitute for Iceland -- opening a candy wrapper, and pulling out the hearts one by one, and pausing upon reaching one inscribed BLUE EYES.

I know that if I was making something that I knew a notable portion of the world would see, I would hide a love letter too.