the nature of secrets / by vanessa

Last night I had this super scary dream in which I was surrounded by gargoyles and demons. Nice huh? And then I "woke up" from my dream and right next to my bed was this gargoyle. I was scared because I was judgin' that book by its cover and they're not exactly pretty. I cried for Jesus like a little girl.

This morning I looked up gargoyles (deep secrets and shame) and demons (life out of control) on this website and it didn't quite fit but it did get me thinking about secrets. Maybe I should've been thinking about shame but I treat shame like anger when it comes up: Oh hey, you again. Make yourself at home. So I started thinking about how there are easy secrets (e.g. dating someone you work with) and the not-so-easy secrets (the kind you don't tell anyone b/c it stings) and I wonder, are secrets like lies? If you commit to being honest does a secret count? What about if you don't lie about the secret but instead you just keep it? Does that nullify honesty? Are secrets like shackles? Is there a way to keep a secret and be free too?

That's what I've got.