the best day of the year / by vanessa

Yesterday was my birthday. In honor of the event, I decided I would be a good person. Here are the three nice things I did:

1. Didn't argue on a conference call. Actually on several conference calls. And not because I didn't have AMPLE opportunity. At first I had to consciously hold back. Gradually it got easier which is good because I had started to gnaw the inside of my mouth. Had I kept going I'd have wound up with a hole in my cheek which would have caused all sorts of problems - not the least of which being the obvious aesthetic implications.

2. Let someone in in traffic. If you have driven with me, you know what a sacrifice this is.

3. Gave a lady directions on the street. This isn't really fair since I'm not *so* cold-hearted that I'd ignore a stranger asking for help (unless said help involved my money), but I'm counting it anyway.

I am convinced that my day of goodness paid off. I got a bunch of really sweet birthday messages and thoughtful presents. My friends Sachie and Josh treated me to sushi and cupcakes (naturally) and then I (surprise!) met up w/ Dre, T, Young B, K, and Korean Steve at The Woods - or in the woods - and had a really fun time playing my FAVORITE bar game which is when people get to tell me what they like about me. (And also (less importantly) what they don't like so much, but K is too nice for her own good and changed the rules so that we had to share first impressions. Pansy.)

The moral of the story is being good gets me stuff. Coincidental that my good fortune was due to my birthday? I'll try it again and report back.