The Art of Being Me / by vanessa

Dre's back!  For the last 7 weeks, she's been living la dolce vita in South America.  During that time I took it upon myself to cook.  A lot.  Mostly because I knew that the kitchen would always be clean.  But whatever.  So tonight, in honor of her return, we cooked together.  *Dink.*  I had these grand plans of making a butternut squash and apple salad, which then turned into plans for butternut squash and apple soup when I realized the salad would take an hour to make, which then turned into curried rice and vegetables (my standby) when we started drinking my new favorite beer, Hitachino.  It was good.  And now we're watching previous episodes of The Bachelor since Dre hasn't seen this season.  And since I have?  Well, I am the consummate spoiler.  Mwah ha ha.

For Lent I gave up swearing.  I'm doing a horrible job.   Uh oh.  At least I"m trying.

This is Week 6 of the Artist's Way, also known as the Yay-We're-Halfway-There week.  This week's focus was on money, one's thoughts about it, and its role in one's life.  What I noticed for myself is that growing up I always equated being an artist with being poor.  I guess maybe that's why I went into business and ignored art school.  Thankfully, I now do lots of creative things in my life so I have a good balance, but I'm grateful for this week to reflect on how a fear of not having money has shaped the choices that I've made in my life.

Also, according to the book, we were instructed to be on the lookout for freebies.  Apparently they should be dropping from the sky.  For two of my friends with whom I'm doing the Artist's Way, this held true.  It was cool to hear their stories.  For me, though I didn't get any complimentary packets of shampoo in the mail,  I did have the BEST week of random former students dropping me emails and our team throwing me a 3rd-anniversary party in a show of appreciation.   Those notes, cards, etc. made my week kinda perfect.