sxsw vol. 9, day 4 / by vanessa

I must admit: I'm tired. I couldn't force down another slice of pizza if it was covered in honey peanut butter, and alcohol sounds about as appealing as drinking grease. Hav just asked me if I want Nueva Onda - my old breakfast taco place- but I'm so carb'ed out I can't stomach it.


Erin K., if you happen to be reading, I wish you were here. Which is strange because we've never really hung out (unless you count yoga and running into each other at Emo's), and you seem more the sort that more prefers the less hyped scenes, but you've been on my mind, so there you go.


Today: Jovita's for the Redwalls at 1 p.m. then I hope to catch Devotchka at 3 or so.


Redwalls were solid. A couple of weeks ago I had tickets to see them in LA but I bailed, so redemption is lovely.

At Devotchka. It's packed and unless you're up really close, (which I am no longer), the sound sucks. I've heard enough now though to know that I want to give them a proper listen so it's not a loss. Also I just met the guy who pitched Carrie Brownstein's blog and a really cool girl from NY that we spent five minutes trying to figure out how we know each other (we don't).

We're here at Atlantic Records party to see The Virgins but they're not on till 7. Per Alo: finally, pay dirt - free beer. We listened to some girl (sorry) and now we're at Darwins for that drink I swore off of earlier.


Tried to rally to see my cousin's band (Mellowdrone) at Waterloo Park, but we gots no game. We got sidetracked and ended up at Serranos for dinner instead. Plus we might've missed them anyway.


First show tonight: M Ward at the Episcopal church (solo - no 'she' of She & Him). Badges only. Mothersratcher. Total bullshit. Seriously I'm pissed b/c there went my 10pm too (Jim James from My Morning Jacket). We saddled over to Parish to meet Lance, April, and Lori.

Tift Merritt is first up and she's not even getting a fair shot 'cause I'm still smarting from the M Ward high hat.

On to Esthers Follies (yep - a sxsw venue) to see Edison Glass. The Beatles are on the PA.

Turns out, that was the highlight of the show.


Sonlux now. Electonica/ Experimental change of pace. I'm not smart enough to figure it out.


Back at Parish for Jason Collett (from Broken Social Scene - or, the most incestous band in the universe). I saw him yesterday at Mohawk indoor and from the 5 minutes I heard I wanted some more. I think a Hasidic is playing tambourine. I wonder if he's spent any time around La Brea & Beverly. Dude would feel right at home.

Hannah came and met me! We just caught up (but too short). I had to leave to go say hi to Mark and that's okay b/c now I'm checking out something else - The Autumns. They're on before British Sea Power which was so good yesterday I'm considering a second helping.

Okay I am indeed staying here. Just finished with The Autumn who are kinda like a heavier Coldplay. Dudes rocked out at the end. And now I'm going w/ a sure thing rather than try another experiment b/c I wanna end it on a high note.

...And it paid off.


It's 4 a.m.and we're at Magnolia, having just polished off mag mud, pancakes, and tacos. I'm full, happy, and really sleepy.

This has been one of my favorite sxsw's. I saw a ton of music, and some particularly memorable shows. That said, I'm ready to get back to my healthy eating and yoga. I have a whole bunch of music to buy and I'm looking forward to The Cribs next month.

Until next SXSW... I'm out.