On the road again / by vanessa

Last night we went to see Easy Rider at the cemetery.  Dang.  Who knew Peter Fonda was hot?  During the movie I wondered whether in the early 70s there were scores of women who already figured this out.  Now onto business.

You know, I like going to the cemetery as much as the next girl, save two things.   
1.  Donations that aren't really donations.  You see, when you *require* a fee in order to enter, it's no longer a "donation".  It's a fee.  The fact that you're non-profit doesn't change the definition of a word.  (Btw, the same can be extended for yoga classes, church or any other racket that pretends like you don't *have* to pay, but you'd get dirty looks or a lecture if you didn't.)
Friends, it's not the money I care about.  In fact, $10 is a fair amount to spend for the experience.  Just be honest about what that $10 is and don't call it something it's not.  Okay. Next:
2.  High chairs.  No, not the kind that a baby sits in, though they're nearly that tall.  These are the lawn chairs that are more than 6 inches - 1 foot off the ground.  I'm glad YOU can see, buddy, but NO ONE behind you can.  If you're too cheap to buy lower ones, then at least be cool and sit in the very back.  (Note:  the same goes for you Everest types at concerts.)
That is all.
Yesterday I promised you a kombuch update, and I don't like to disappoint, so here you go.   I have a new favorite flavor!  
Drum roll, please....
You'll recall that I've previously lambasted High Country for their lameness.  But I'm a humble girl (kinda), and I can admit when I've gotten something wrong.  Either that or they changed their formula.  Whatevs, they deserve their props -- it's GOOD!  The flavor is a little bit root beer, a little bit rock-n-roll, and a whole lotta smoove.