meat in my arms, steel in my teeth / by vanessa

Dude I luff Runyon. For what I am losing with the ocean no longer a stone's throw away, I have gained in my regular hikes in the canyon.

Yesterday Sachie and met at Runyon -- well, I mean, eventually: Mercury is in retrograde after all, so we crossed wires and missed each other for like 45 minutes -- and hiked Three Sisters. I've been feeling really guilty because I only have time to work out about once a day, and hiking has been really speaking to me more than yoga. I'm supposed to be a yoga teacher and stuff, and I've been to yoga like once a week for the last three weeks.


Tomorrow I'm taking the subway to work for the first time. Gas is almost $5 a gallon and I just can't justify it. Wtf? $5 a gallon? Meanwhile Exxon has posted record profits... awesome.


Exciting week coming up!! Caryn's getting married and A-Lo's coming to visit. Actually, she's coming for work, but whatevs, I'll take it.