Joy of Twitter / by vanessa

Twitter is what I've been doing lately.  Do you know how awesome it is to wake up to something like this from @azizansari:  "why rabbits always hopping and shit. sit the f*ck down before i shoot you rabbitt.  #Predicting50CentTweets"

You see, never in a million years would I friend Heidi Montag on facebook.  'Cause that'd be weird.  But on Twitter, I can read her missives about ear pinning surgery with anonymity and zero shame.  Her followers rise, I'm entertained, it's a win-win for everyone.

And Twitter forces brevity, which I value.  Some would probably argue that its staccato format promotes the shortening of our already dismal attention spans.  I say it could make us sharper -- you've basically got 140 characters to bring it.  It pretty much prepares today's children for the real world.

As with most things, it's not without its shortcomings.  I started following @spencerpratt on a recommendation.  At first, we, (Spencer and I, of course), had a charmed arrangement -- Oh look!  Hahaha!  You made me laugh, Spencer.  Good job!... Awww, now you're heartfelt.  That's sweet.  But my enthusiasm quickly waned when I started to realize that he employs a ghosttweeter (save for the times when he's writing something moist about @heidimontag).  I've watched The Hills for long enough to know that no effing way has Spencer Pratt either a) said something funny in his life or b) used the word "trifecta" on his own accord.  And that feeling -- that you're not getting what you thought you clicked Follow for -- is an empty one.  The implicit code between followee and follower is breached.   [Full disclosure:  my friend has ghosttweeted some for me.  He's awesome and made me look really funny.]

All in all though, Twitter's my new favorite thing.  I'll leave you with this recent tweet from @kanyewest:  "These tweets have no manager, no publicist, no grammar checking... this is raw."

Same here, Ye.  Same here.