How to (re)start a meditation practice / by vanessa


Ever wonder how to start a meditation practice? Or maybe rekindle one?

Since I have an 8-year history of doing both, I consider myself an expert. I'd like to offer you these really simple steps towards building your own practice.

1. Go to a new acupuncturist who asks you if you meditate. 2. Say yes. 3. Feel guilty that you either a) don't or b) haven't for at least three months. 4. Forget that conversation. 5. Remember it about a week later. 6. Check Twitter. 7. Check Facebook. 8. F*ck it, check Google+. 9. Look at your iPhone and decide to set your timer.  7 minutes seems good 'cause it's longer than you can hold your breath underwater. 10. Close your eyes.  Some say you should keep your eyes slightly open but I find that too distracting. 11. Think of something you can repeat over and over an over so you don't freak out.  I like to think of the words clear or God, but Justin Bieber will work too. 12. Marvel at your fortitude and decide you should write a blog about this. 13. Think, Ahh, this is nice.  And then wonder if you should get your hair cut. 14. Get excited when your timer goes off. You did it! 15. Repeat.