Grand Central Blog / by vanessa

Writing class tonight. Let me assure you that freestyle writing then "performing" is way harder than blogging. Who knew? The aim is to get as much out as possible without filtering. Plus, what you end up getting assigned to write about is at the tail end of an exhaustive series of "why"s so your defenses are down, and you're not trying to be clever or unique or do anything more than just get your story out before the time is up. After fervent penning, you present what you wrote to the others. Do you remember those Frosted MiniWheats commercials where they'd have the kid eating the frosting side, and then they'd switch it and show the kid in like his dad's clothing to eat the plain (read: serious) side? That's how I felt. Like I was in adult's clothing.

I have a homework assignment for next week -- to write about what freedom means to me. I told Scarlett (our coach) that if I knew what THAT meant, I'd have my book written by now. But this is good.

On my way home tonight, I inventoried the classes I've taken since I moved to LA 20 months ago. Here's a breakdown:

1. Consultant training - 6 Weeks to Being a Better Consultant!
2. Pole Dancing - You know I was SO into that. I couldn't wait to fuse it with yoga. I lost interest when I started to figure out that to continue I'd have to hawk my bed and car to keep paying for it.
3. Post production class at UCLA
4. Improv 101 which kinda cracked stuff open for me
5. Project Managers Training
6. Anusara Teacher Training (still in progress)
7. Improv 201
8. 8-week writing class

I feel like I'm watching someone else watching me from above piece together a puzzle where I can't quite tell what it's going to be. If it turns out to be a jar full of M&M's I'm gonna be pissed.

Upcoming: I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my mom gave me my uncle's guitar when I went to Seattle. I had it repaired in Portland, so I'm going to learn to play when I am not in so many classes. I also want to take 201 again and then 301 at least. Say, didn't I want to learn Spanish, too?

My roommate reminds me frequently how busy I am. I think it exhausts her just watching me hoof it around from place to place. Granted I'm tired a lot, but learning is its own reward.