catching up and stuff / by vanessa

My list, for you:

1. Yesterday, I had this super cute outfit on:
It doesn't look very cute in this picture, does it? The colors look wonk in the lighting, so you'll have to trust me. When I walked out the door in the morning, I was particularly pleased with my pairing of grey sweater, white t-shirt, red velvet skirt, grey cable tights, and saddle-colored Frye boots. The sort of outfit that's casual but says, "I *get* color."
Anyway, after work I went to a psychic (long story) who told me that after she "treated" me for low self-confidence (uhh, not what I was there for), I could "wear any outfit [I] liked, even one that didn't match and be able to pull it off." Really? I'll give you that I doubt my writing, my work, my ability to tell a joke... but my sartorial sense is something I just don't question. Shouldn't she have mind-read that?

2. Renee's friend Taylor is in town w/ his soon-to-be fiancee. Last night Renee decides she wants to find the bar from the movie "Swingers" which is purported to be in Silverlake somewhere. So I google: SWINGERS, BAR, SILVERLAKE. You know what comes up? Motels. I scanned the list. Definitely no bars from movies. Hell, not even bars. Motels! So then I started thinking that some people must be out there literally looking for places to swap and stuff, so for them, this is a legitimate (and delightful!) results set. I revised my criteria: SWINGERS MOVIE BAR, SILVERLAKE. Turns out, it's in Los Feliz.

3. Last week, Breathless came in my Netflix queue. Only it came without English subtitles so before going out last night, I ended up watching it with what little high-school French I remembered. Mostly I stared at Jean Seberg. Maybe I should cut my hair?

4. I meant to post this picture. I took this on the plane from Austin to NY a couple of weeks ago. Can you see the writing on the wing? It says: DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA. Who exactly needs to be reminded of that?