Brazil, Day 4: Fernando de Noronha / by vanessa


Life changing events, which happened to me yesterday:

1. I bought a Brazilian bikini.  The reasons are P2C2E, but suffice to say I am now going to kill myself.  Which is strange, because...

2. I spent most of the day trying not to die.  Partial list of items not working on the vehicle I have rented:

* Seatbelts

* Speedometer

* Brakes

I could go on to describe the hole in the floorboard through which I could see the earth, or discuss the absence of power steering, rendering what should be simple 3-point turns into expletive-laden, panicked 33-point turns, but what for, really?

3. I picked up hitchhikers, twice.  The first guy begged to get out and walk after I drove ~30 meters.  The second guy had a gold grill.