85 / by vanessa

15 days in to my 100 day effort. Some days I can't wait to sit down, fingertip to keyboard, while others I'd rather scrape gum off the sidewalks of a 30-mile block than type the first word. Today is the latter.
I'm pretty tired. I've been staying up really late for who knows what reason and then getting up early. This morning I had to teach at 6:30 so I was up w/ the roosters. Right. Like there are roosters in LA. Anyway, teaching went as smooth as sandpaper. I left class missing the days of Austin where I knew the students, they were generally coming to take my class, and well, it was comfortable. But you can never go back and even if you find yourself in similar circumstances, there is no room for the past in the present. And so I know that this too will pass.