74 / by vanessa

It's easy to get behind causes and make entire populations of people wrong. It's easy to judge them for their actions because you think they're sinners. It's easy move your mouth and insist that you're not really judging them when the tone in your voice and your body language speak otherwise.
Sins, as you call them, are not hierarchical. You have no problem trippin' about how the "homosexuals are invading YOUR home and why won't people pay attention?" while you assign lesser importance to staying in bad relationships, lying on your taxes, or treating your body as if it was anything other than divine.
Why do you hate homosexuality so much? Maybe you only hate what you fear. But what exactly is there to fear? So you're not attracted to someone of the same sex. So what? How exactly does it affect you if someone else is?
I guess I would just ask you to take a look and make sure that moral superiority isn't avoidance. You're entitled to your own beliefs (you heard it here first folks!), but maybe tidy up your own house before you go knockin on someone else's door.