40 Days / by vanessa

Today is day two of the forty-day challenge I'm doing w/ 8 other yogi/nis from Bodhi. I feel like we have a really strong group. This week, for our diet, we're just supposed to notice where our tendencies are -- towards hot or cold foods, whether we tend towards cleansing or building. I feel pretty balanced, like a mix of hot and cold, depending on the time of day, but I'm trying to figure out how to categorize those damn Whole Foods rice krispie treats! Jesus - I don't get it! Why am I so addicted to them? I need to just stop buying those wretched things.

Also, this time around we opened the studio early for mysore practices at 6:30. Admittedly, I was bitter this morning getting up at 6 when I didn't go to bed till midnight. (Though I suspect I'd be bitter about getting up at 6 even if I went to bed at 8.) But as I rolled out my mat, and took the first few deep breaths, I found myself easing into my body and waking up. It's really magical to practice silently with others. Oddly, I never appreciated this when I practiced Bikram all the time. In fact, I couldn't stand the silent classes - they seemed to drag on forever. I was always amazed by the people who really loved them. I remember leading the silents -- grateful for the free yoga but hating that I was methodically counting every second of each posture. Today, as in other silent vinyasas I've taken, I've connected w/ the beauty in the quietude. I've felt this beautiful rhythmic dance in which I'm both lost in the movement and yet conscious. And even when that dance amounts to two left feet, I'm still grateful for what it gives me.

Very excited to go to NYC this weekend. Thrilled to see friends from L2 and beyond excited to practice! In the month since, (wow, it's been a month, today!) I feel like so much has happened. And not even events really, just changes. Almost every day I feel amazed by how lucky I am. More remarkable, I never thought that I, w/ my tumultuous family upbringing would *believe* that I'm so lucky.

Oh - good quote passed on from my friend, Laurie. Paraphrasing Einstein she told me:
"The single most important decision you'll ever make is whether the universe is a friendly or a fearful place".

In other news, I'm pretty sure my non-yoga friends think I've gone off the deep end.